Is your make up brush as clean as you think it is?

Do you know how much bacteria is on a typical make-up brush? Last week, I stumbled upon a post by Make Up Utopia and was shocked into washing and, in some cases, binning my make up brushes,

I’ll admit it, I am guilty of  forgetting to clean my make up brushes for a while and leaving them to fester, but after seeing the results of this experiment I have vowed to make sure I don’t make the same mistake again!

It is highly important to keep your make up brushes clean, especially if you suffer from acne or have sensitive skin. This also includes make up sponges! Brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria if not washed or replaced regularly and this bacteria can easily be transferred onto your face and trapped on your skin by a layer of make up.

Eco Tools tapered make up brush

A few days ago I bought a soft new Eco Tools tapered brush from Boots. The Eco Tools brushes are made of soft, recycled materials and feel so gentle on my skin. Although tapered brushes are intended for blusher, I use mine to apply a thin layer of matte powder to set on top of my foundation. Plus, it comes in a cute fabric and plastic sleeve to keep it away from any dirt inside my make up bag.

I cannot stress the importance of washing make up brushes enough. Once a week, make sure to wash your make up brushes with warm, soapy water, squeeze out any excess water and leave them to air dry before using them again.

Do you have any hot tips for making sure make up brushes, or other contents of your make up bag, stay clean and bacteria-free?



5 responses to “Is your make up brush as clean as you think it is?

  1. I’ve been putting off cleaning my brushes and sponges for too long, simply because I’m lazy. Thanks for motivating me! 🙂

  2. Thank you for linking back to me, and I’m so pleased you were inspired to clean your brushes! Here’s to clean, clear skin 🙂

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