Swimming: the benefits and detriments to your skin

This week I went on holiday to Center Parcs in Elveden, which for those who don’t know is basically a huge activity and sports park in the middle of a forest. Part of the reason for us wanting to go was that it has a big indoor and outdoor water park- being big kids, we had to try it out!

The water park was great fun, but I have suffered first hand experience of what too much swimming can do for your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin like me.


Chlorine is the big drawback- most swimming pools use this chemical to kill bacteria to make sure that swimming is more hygienic for those using the pool. Although in the first instance this can dry your skin a little, therefore drying up spots, after a few trips to the pool it can severely impact your skin. After the fourth trip to the pool (I know, we were keen!), my skin ended up very red and blotchy and had begun to peel slightly the morning after.

If you are a regular swimmer, it may be worth bringing a oil-free moisturiser with you to use after you leave the pool. Although I showered thoroughly to make sure the chlorine was off my skin and avoided wearing make up all week, this just wasn’t enough to remedy the adverse effects of chlorine.

On the other hand, swimming regularly can help you keep active, reduce stress and dry out lingering spots, all of which can help reduce your acne.

Right now, I am using a thin layer of Clinique’s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief cream morning and night to help revive my dry patches of skin. It’s extremely light and is really helping the dry spots around my chin and nose return back to normal.

Are there any keen swimmers out there who have found a product that prevents chlorine from irritating your skin?

Ashleigh x


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